G8 pledges to boost food supplies


According to the BBC today (Reference1) the G8 nations have pledged a staggering 20Bn dollars ( that’s Twenty Billion ) to create “food security” in the poorest nations on the face of the planet.

According to the BBC on the 26th of Feb 2009:

“The [UK] government will inject £13bn [$21Bn] into RBS to strengthen its balance sheet on top of the £20bn[$32Bn] the government already injected into RBS last year. The bank will have access to another £6bn[$9.7Bn should it need it.” (Reference2)

So if we total the support that just the UK government gave to just one bank, RBS, then we see that the total is $63Bn ( that’s Sixty Three Billion Dollars ). That’s:

Just one company.
Just one bank.
Just one set of shareholders.

And they get at least sixty three billion in support!

So lets put, as a percentage of that bail out to that one bank, the pledge by all of the G8 nations to help 49 of the poorest countries achieve “food security”31.75%

Seems like a reasonable figure…but that’s to go around 49 countries. So lets divide that by 49 to see what each country would get:


And that percentage is if we just look only at the RBS figure alone and only at the UK government investment. If we cast our eye across the Atlantic to the USA then we are shown the scale of this pledge by the G8 as nothing more than a drop in the ocean and it really does show where their priorities lie.

According to the money.cnn.com (Reference3) the total capitalism bail out cost, to date, is roughly around $371 ( that’s Three Hundred And Seventy One BILLION dollars ). So that makes the G8’s pledge just


of that total. Meaning that each country in the 49 poorest countries in the world would get


of that which was given to save companies and capitalism.

Companies which have, in essence, gone bust. Under free capitalism the companies have went broke. But no, that’s not allowed now, in the 21st Century, the rules have changed. Businesses must be saved, or at least, that was the thinking in the late part of 2008 and through 2009.

What cost to save humans? 0.11% of which the Americans alone have spent on saving companies!

And the pledge is just money to try and ensure food security!?!?

I don’t even think that as humans we should be in a situation where members of our species rely on hand outs to survive: it is against our very being.

Is this really the year of our lord AD 2009? Did I waken up 500 years ago when famine, poverty, disease was rife? What’s going on? Surely there must be a better way.

People in lesser developed countries actually keep people in “more developed countries” alive by producing a huge amount of goods for them. When was the last time you saw a tea field in the UK or a banana plantation? Or for that matter a whole string of clothing manufacturers or even car makers? And where do rich nations get their sugar and what bout runner beans and other vegetables?

The UK is a prime example of needing every other country on the face of the earth for its well being. From China and its cheap goods to the USA to buy any exports they may still make. From Kenya and its food produce to the Dominican Republic and its bananas.

Just like the notion of an “individual human”, the notion of an “individual country” is just as senseless. No country can survive on its own. No human can do that either.

Yet this system chooses to spend 0.11% of the money it chose to spend on companies on humans to just try to bring about “food security”?

And it’s not just me that realises this system is pushing humans towards the brink, the Vice Executive Director of the World Food Programme said:

“$20 billion was a last-minute agreement and it was greeted with great happiness by all of us in the conference room. While we are rebuilding agriculture we need to continue supporting food assistance because the financial crisis is pushing another 103 million people into hunger this year,” said Staffan de Mistura, vice executive director of the World Food Programme. “ (Reference4) [My bold italics]

I’m glad they were happy: I’m not.

Is this 2009? Is this the best way we can conceive to live, as a species? I can offer a million solutions, right now. I can think of a billion different ways. But, of course, we all have to want it.

Are you too brow beaten to know what it is that is best for you and for us?

No more of this nonsense, not in my name; never.



Reference1: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/8143566.stm
Reference2: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7911722.stm
Reference3: http://money.cnn.com/news/storysupplement/economy/bailouttracker/
Reference4: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/politics/g8-pledges-20bn-farm-aid-to-poor-nations-1740993.html

1)All Pound to Dollar Conversion carried out on the 11th of July 2009 using www.xe.com
2)The 49 countries was stated on Radio Five Live on the 10th Of July 2009

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The Darling of Our Collective Eye


Darling rules out radical changes in City white paper

Original Link: Guardian

It saddens me to read some of the comments here. From “I’ve no idea how to fix it either” to the “hatred” of bankers and the seeming “dismay” at politicians actions. Almost every single post is tinged with the notion of helplessness and impotence.

People, the problem here is, you’re thinking INSIDE the box. That’s not going to help at this time. You have to learn to step back and think OUTSIDE the box. See the box for what it really is. You have been enslaved, by getting up at 07:30 each morning, paying your taxes and believing and supporting a system that has no regard for you, as a human. In fact, it has no regard for any human. The system you supported by your every action and thought has brought you to this place. That is undeniable.

And you expect a few nice words from the government will “solve” the issue whilst you still participate in the same old same old? The whole fabric and nature of capitalism is set up for profit; it has nothing to do with you. It can not be re-focused as to so would be to prevent it from being called capitalism.

Notice, in the very word: C a p i t a l-ism. Not H u m a n-ism

Nothing in this system is for you. Nothing your “leaders” can do can fix this system. It crashed in an organic way, and it will be what it is until the components of the system, you and I fellow reader, actually look at each other as humans and stand up for what it is to be human.

Why you continue to look for solutions to a systemic problem within the rules of the system that brought you to this place in the first instance is beyond me. The solution is obvious if you look beyond. Isn’t it time you woke up?

Get connected. Get Reality info.



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Starting to think a bit…

The markets are crashing…
To the winds investors dashing…
No more profit for the taking…
Inside their heads…
Their minds are breaking…

Outside in reality the dawning bites…
What colour of black our darkest nights…
Downward spiral becoming so tight…
Only stopping when humans unite…

The delusions you base your life on…
Have walked a long road, and gone…
That road does not have a kink…
It’ll take you all the way to the brink…

It may even make you


And Think

This system is focused on profit. Your life is a by-product of that focus. You have a job when there is a profit to be turned. Look at the current redundancies..why? Because there is no profit in it for them to keep these workers ( you ) employed.

So we all tacitly prop up a system that is profit focused and not human focused and we are shocked:

That we have no pensions.
We cannot get a mortgage.
We have the spectre of unemployment hanging over our heads.
The stock markets are crumbling.
There is talk of depression.

And we are shocked.

That, is the most flabbergasting aspect to all of this. Humans are so blinded by a system that is not even there to support them that they clamber to have it back. Resurrect it. Save it. Cyclical misery. Why fight for that?

We can surely work out a way to want and get more?

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Watch Out – The Union’s about…

Original Article: Guardian


I want to start this by saying that I have every sympathy with anyone that is thrown on the scrap heap of redundancy as they are no longer needed to make a profit for any given organisation within the capitalist system. Of course these organisation are only focused on profit generation and not on any of the individual cogs within the organisation themselves.

It is with dismay, therefore, that I read about Unions and their need to “fight for jobs”. To me this is akin to asking your persecutor to be persecuted some more. If any logical analysis is undertaken of the situation then these following points have to be starkly obvious:

1) Jobs are only ever there if there is a profit to be generated by the creator of the job.
Therefore jobs are not “created” or “maintained” for humans, but for profit.
2) Any company that is talking about “reducing the workforce” is doing so as they are struggling to make profit so jobs are under threat as rule 1 is broken.

So in steps the unions; “save our jobs” / “give us our jobs back” / “please don’t make us redundant”.

What a forward thinking and progressive mantra they chant. Unions have roots going back to 1870 or so in some places and yet they are still singing the same old tune; Give us our jobs back until we have to chant this same thing again.

Is it only me that finds the logic of asking to be put back into the fire of uncertainty, time and time again, as totally against what it means to be human? Surely we learn from the past and not just about the past?

The cyclical nature of boom and bust of capitalism, as it has been to date, leads the unions to have a slightly higher prominence at certain times yet they still come back to the same old arguments and points that show that they do not understand the very nature of capitalism.

Rob MacGregor, Unite national officer, criticised Lloyds for damaging staff morale by making “weekly announcements of hundreds of job losses”.

The owners of the business don’t give a hoot about moral. As long as profit is generated, then all is good. If it’s not being generated then jobs are for the chop. Very, very simple.

Ged Nichols, general secretary of Accord, urged Lloyds to avoid compulsory job cuts. “We believe that UK taxpayers will expect the bank to work in partnership with Accord and the other unions representing its employees to minimise unnecessary unemployment, particularly given the support that UK taxpayers have provided to the bank,” he said.

Poor deluded and naive Ged. It’s like he’s just gotten out of kindergarten ( Nursery school ). When will he realise that capitalism and the generation of profit is a business matter and not a matter of morality? Therefore no “debt” of kindness is implied by a loan of money from any source; business is business and the business at hand is profit generation, to heck with the cost. I mean, a system that would feed dead sheep to a cow, which is a herbivore, just to turn a profit; what more do you need to know?

Get connected and choose another way. Or stand outside your closed down places of work and ask for them to take you back on so that at some stage in the future they can sack you again.

Have it your way, I’m getting connected, join me :)


Reality Info

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GM is Bad For You

Original Link: The Guardian

Oh wait, I was thinking of Genetically Modified foods, maybe General Motors is better? It was once the corner stone of American capitalism and today it is no more.

The carmaker has received $19bn of emergency aid from the treasury to keep it afloat and a further $30bn of government funding is likely to be forthcoming to see it through bankruptcy.

Mr Obama is pledging the huge sums of money to help resurrect it in some form and to maintain the brand GM but the company that powered a lot of American has fallen foul of the most dramatic downturns that Capitalisms has seen to date.

“You will have to make a sacrifice for the next generation so that our children can grow up in an America that still makes things.” – Barack Obama

That doesn’t sound to me like a system that humans really want to buy into. What?! More sacrifices just so we’ve got profit so we’ve got an excuse to make things that humans need?

Wow. It’s not like you and I don’t need cars any more, it’s just that there’s no profit in generating them they way they have been generated. And it’s not like it’s just GM, there is the demise of Chrysler too. Well, okay, they both still exist, but they are in administration and the Gov owns a majority stake in both companies.

In American we, as a species, now have a nationalised car industry.

In return for its support, the Obama administration is likely to get a 60% ownership stake in the company. Canada’s government, which is contributing billions of dollars in further help, will get 12.5% with unions and bondholders holding the rest.

Obama said the massive reorganisation of GM would leave the US government holding 60% of the company’s equity. But it was necessary to preserve an iconic symbol of American business and maintain a viable US auto industry.

Iconic symbol; there you go. If the symbol is a metaphor for the system, then the one that it stood for has just crumbled and has needed to be put on life support.

Mr Obama goes on to say:

“I recognise that this may give some Americans pause,” he said. “We’re making these investments not because I want to spend the American people’s tax dollars but because I want to protect them.”

So that is an admission that the previous way of doing things, the free market, failed. Yet you all sit back and watch as the ruling classes try to put the very institutions back together that crumbled in the first place. They are bailing them out. Does this not show an astonishing lack of creative thinking? Does it not highlight a bankrupt thought process?

The logic is very simple; method A has failed, let us try method A.

You will notice the huge difference this time round though; we, as humans, own the fabric of institutions. Still, their focus, the ruling class, is to re-establish a business in the same mould as the old one. They assume that Method A is the only approach to life on this planet. And I dare say a lot of you will sympathise with them.

To me the very notion just stinks of irrational and illogical thought patterns that an educated flee could work its way around. Don’t let fear or conditioning stand in the way of you demanding a society that is fit for, and focused on, human need.

The State Of Things
Lest we forget, remember the free and open market that was the banking sector and it’s now newly nationalised status too.

Capitalism, as it was in October 2008 is not what is now in June 2009. The whole world has changed as the largest and most central organisations and been necessarily bailed out by central money. Tax payers money. Government money. Your money. Our money.

Thousands of humans will be made redundant; because there’s no more profit in x, y or z.

You will know people that have been laid off. Companies only hire you when they can make profit from you. Yet you need goods all year round.

You need car parts when you’ve bought a car.
You need food all year round.
You need water all year round.

All of these commodities are brought to you by the same mechanism that brought you banking and cars; the open and free market.

A free market that is focused on production of profit, not on human need; we are an after thought in a system that we all support.

A Mantra

Say this over and over, it may help you to preserve your faith in the current state of things:

The chaotic winds blow over me
I’m struggling striving to be free
Have no fear this market is free
So unplanned and good for me

Any time anyone wants one more human to join in as a voice against this current scourge on the planet, just get in touch.

In hope.

Reality Info

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Just taking the chance to link a few sites together.

There’s a crowd over at www.wiserearth.org that may be aiming to do things along the same line as us and I’ve posted a few comments in some of their groups. You may want to take a look…





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MPs’ expenses: Tax officials to investigate capital gains evasion

Original Article: Guardian – Capital Gains Tax

This one is so easy for me to write…Politicians make my job easier and easier…

“The latest revelations show it was not just a few MPs with their noses in the trough, but a culture of abuse. While their constituents are suffering from the credit crunch and many are out of work, they’ve had access to unrivalled funds.”

I call for a totally transparent government, right here, right now. In every facet from defence to health and from expenses to local government funding and EU deposits.

People seem to be thinking, ‘What’s the best way to use the system so I can maximise the personal financial return to myself?'”

Well, that is what we’re all taught. We’re just not taught the best way to go around it. We “fight each other” and “exploit laws” that best suit our situation instead of understanding that all this “under-handed” and “creative” usage of laws and lawyers and of  accountants and of time is just not needed.

We have it all within us to demand a change to this farce.

They are public servants, there to server our needs and our goals; or so we’re lead to believe. Of course, under this system, that has never been the case, but right now, at this juncture in time we have the technological means to make it so.

If we all want it…

They can all carry personal tracking devices.
They can all clock in to the building and out of the building.
Their expenses claims can be searchable on line.
Their other business links could be put on line.
Their employee list can be made public.
Their bank account records can be made public.

In short, if they are public servants then they should be able to be scrutinised by the public at any level and in any detail. See how the ruling class deal with that concept.

Of course, there is no way that this system will allow that, in its current state. The whole system is based upon secrecy, from trade secrecy and industrial espionage laws, to you and I not even being allowed to discuss our wages with or colleagues.

Opacity is built into the system. Transparency is not what it’s about.

Unless YOU demand it.

Stand up and make a change.

It’s so easy to do. Just go and tell ten folks.

Reality Info . Org

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Thatcher – 30 Years and still to blame!

Original Post BBC News

Original user comment:

Whilst I agree that no one person makes the decisions and that they could be seen as a front or a mouth-piece, they do, unlike a puppet, have free-will to step down from their position if they don’t agree with something that is happening in their name. Therefore if they do something then they must either agree with it or are so weak and status/… Read Morepower/desperate-to-have-a-legacy hungry that they can’t stand up for their true beliefs. — J

That’s the point, no matter how you judge her moralistically for what “she did”; it was not her actual idea. Monkeys are replaceable. One dies, another chump steps in. One resigns, another one is put in place. American “democracy” Bush (snr), Clinton, Bush (jnr), Obama ( Clinton as second most powerful position). See a pattern? Our “rulers” have their way of getting things done. And not only that, no matter how much Thatcher stood up and said “down with the miners” or whatever the fook she said, *we* all stood back and let it happen. The police force enforced it. The papers supported / raped it for all it was worth. And the rest of us stood by and got on with “saving our skins”. Saving our jobs. So if you want to look to “blame” anyone, then look at your parents, and my parents and every one over the age of 45. The mesh, as it surely is, is everyone.

The bstards that are responsible for the death camps in Germany are everyone from the train drivers to the order givers and on to the folks that stood by and let it happen. The mesh is huge. It is everyone. Manipulation is rife.

In short, decry Thatcher in any way you want, but she was only 1/6 billionth of the actual problem. There is a powerful social force for change that could easily be brought to bare on any political “decision”, if they social will was there.

For me, for instance, I’d have total transparency in every gov agency, from emails to security bulletins. I mean, even the “bad guys” (as if) knew we were watching them, they’d have 66 million pairs of eyes on them too. And all the expenses nonsense. And all the treaties for war ands trade. It concerns us, so why is it not in the open where we can see it? It is how we are “ruled”.

We accept that as soon as we vote and that buys us the right to bury our heads in the sand and say it was the fault of X. Or Y. Or Z.

It’s actually not Thatcher’s fault. But of course, moralistic judgements are easy to pass, and they do fill the tabloids from cover to cover. The news is that as long as satire is the only comment, then they “get away with it”…as long as you’re laughing at them, they’re laugh up their sleeve.

So blame Thatcher, hang her out to dry. Makes not an ounce of difference to her. Never did when she was in power, and it’ll not now.

Thatcher, to summarise, is not the problem here:)

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Deeper than simple greed

Original Article – Guardian

Could this piece be full of any more wordy nonsense? It’s very hard to get to the bottom of what this chap is saying but suffice to say his premise and kick of point is all wrong. And as far as I can tell he’s still arguing for a system based on profit and not human need to regulate the flow of commodities on the planet; pity he can’t speak clearly. This could be indicative a policy, idea or view that is not well thought out I suppose.


…and we are left with the question of what skewed the judgment of a whole society, as well as of financial professionals

This is a deeper matter than just “greed”. – Rowan Williams

This makes me laugh; a subjective word such as “greed” being used to analyse a financial system that does not even work on greed at all. It works on maximising profits, to do anything other than that is to be “anti-capitalist”. So it is not greed that drives the system, but a need to follow the rules.

If humans were truly greedy, as opposed to just following the rule of maximising profit, either tacitly or directly, then they would say:

No more war on my planet, as I don’t want it coming to my door.
No more unemployment on my planet, as I don’t’ want it coming to my door.
No more famine on my planet, as I don’t want it coming to my door.

If we truly wanted the best and had a greedy for the best life style, then this system would have died long ago. So we’re sure it’s not been driven by greed, but by the simple rule of the system; maximise profit.

The system, in those terms, has failed, and we can see that now. When it fails, as a by product, humans suffer. This is only because we are the constituent parts of the system, because we support the system.

No more profit = human misery

Yet we’re all still here. All still humans. So why not think of a system that directly works for us and not just one where we get our commodities as a by product of a striving for a goal that is not central to our well being?

Get greedy.
Want your planet cleaned up.
Want your security.
Want your life to be happy.
Realise that capitalism can never bring you this, as it’s focused on profit generation, not you.

Rowan goes on to talk nonsense thus:

economic reality – scarcity as an inexorable truth about a materially limited world,

Under this system scarcity is built in as things don’t get done if there is no profit in it. We know that to be a fact:

We don’t have enough money to build that hospital.
We have to close that hospital down as we don’t have enough money.
You’re not getting your cancer treatment as there it’s too expensive.

However the material world is full of promise with regards vegetation and resources that we, as humans, as a species can utilise.

After all, we have the sun shining over our heads; why not centralise power collection in African and distribute the power around the word? No profit in it right now, so let’s kill ourselves with oil or wait till it runs out – there’s more profit in it. To heck with profit, we’re humans, we deserve the best:D

Why not build high rise food production units, turning one hectare of land into many hundreds of hectares of land? No profit in it.

Why not irrigate the whole of Africa, bringing a food basket to the world and raising millions of people to the level of humanity that we expect here in “the west”? No profit in it. Think of all that extra food and energy and all those extra humans that could aid in making our world better.

Oh, yeah, no profit in it.

Our means of production, that is, what we can do with tools and ideas, is currently outstripping how we actually utilise those tools. In short, capitalism is holding us back.

I’ll see you in the food queues in the UK shortly.
I’ll see you on the dole lines.
I’ll see you in the mire that capitalism left behind.

Or choose another way.


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World Bank tells G20 finance ministers fix banks before boosting growth

Original Article – Guardian

The focus is all wrong – see if you can spot it:

The president of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick, warned bickering leaders of the G20 countries that they risked “doing too little, too late” to repair the global economy

If you don’t take on the banking issue,

Can you see what it is yet? [Thanks Rolf]

Alistair Darling, who said today that leading nations had to act together to solve the “frustratingly slow” progress in repairing the world’s banking system.

“We’ve got 80% of the world’s economy sitting around one table, first this weekend and in a couple of weeks’ time in London,” Darling said. “We have the opportunity to demonstrate that we not only understand what needs to be done but we actually get on and do it.” [ to fix the economy ]

Heck. This is a really hard test.

The chancellor is hopeful that this weekend’s talks will agree to provide extra funds to allow the IMF to offer support to struggling emerging economies


commit to substantial and sustained efforts to bolster their economies as the recession deepens.

Let me think. What is the focus here?

displeasure at US comments that Europe has not done enough to ¬stimulate the economy.

Ah, it’s the economy! Stupid me! Not one word of human needs, just financial ones. The economy is in good health when profit is being generated, and when it’s not, it’s in bad shape. So people like you and I suffer directly.

This method of production, capitalism, is not focused on human needs but on profit, we all know that. Yet we somehow think that a non-human-focused system is the best one we can hope for? Are we humans or profit generating machines?

Well, sit back and wait. See if these “leaders” can fix this system. See if they wind the clock back to a time when everything needed loads of labour to get done and the rate of profit was high.


Choose another way. Get connected. Google reality info dot org. Understand this system. Join together as one to make a difference on this planet.


Wait for the food queues.
Wait for the international moves to war ( That’s how the ruling class fixed it the last time )
Wait for the super high unemployment.
Wait for the degradation.
Wait for the drop in living standards

Get with the program my fellow humans.

Humans before profit; every time


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