These bankers are lucky they’re not going to jail

Article published in Observer – 1.03.09

Original article by Andrew Rawnsley

“Assuming it is out of the question to hang, draw and quarter Sir Fred Goodwin, pluck out his intestines while they are still warm and wriggling, stuff them into his greedy mouth and then display his severed head on a spike at the Tower of London, could we settle for shooting him instead?”

How easy it is to point the blame elsewhere. To think that its all bankers or politicians who have done wrong here. Its so easy to turn a blind eye to the real culprits;


Without question we partake in this system.
Without question we prop it up
Without question we buy their instruments of finance
Without question we buy their products.
Without question we support a system that is based on profit not human need.

By its own measure of success, the generation of profit, the current system, capitalism, has failed.

It does not judge itself on how many humans had a smile on their face or how few wars it started or how many it started; it is defined by how much profit it can generate.

So you can look for scapegoats and burn a few folks at the stake, but when all is said and done, this world will be as in humane as ever until we all choose to do it a different way.

We have the technology, now lets build a solution.

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  1. Cat says:

    As the media machine rages on over who to blame for the banking collapse pointing the finger first at Goodwin and then Government it distracts us all from accepting some responsibility for being part of the problem. It distracts us from thinking about a solution for all humans. It’s parochial in the extreme to confine the issue to Britain by pointing at individuals as we know this is a world wide “crisis”. Therefore it requires more than just the population of Britain to engage in a serious debate about “what next?”
    How can we get this debate started?

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