A Short History of Now and Tomorrow

The Problem Field

To work out what’s going on just now it’s important to define the problem field. That has been done at RealityInfo.org

The Many Facets of the Problem

The problem itself brings up many different facets that require in depth critical analysis. Amongst the topics at hand could be politics and the monetary system.


Politics, in most western democracies can be typified by the most democratic state on the planet; the USA. And that has been written about here: Democracy Rocks

Politics and Banks

Along with this all-encompassing political gamesmanship there comes an over arching control system that is, mostly, hidden in plain sight from the electorate. For information about the people who speak for these controlling entities and how they affect plain old “politics” can be read about here: The Power of Dreams

Politics and the National Identity

With regards the control mechanisms as manifested by both “Politics” and “Banks” it is important to analyse any question of “National Identity”. Not only, what does it mean to be from a particular place, but what rights / privileges / controls are in place to ensure that you are always controlled? That has been written about here: Scottish Independence

The Evolutionary Framework

It is important to conceptualise the problem field within the system of which it is part. That work can be found here: The Things and Ideas Loop

Dropping the antagonism

As highlighted in “The Evolutionary Framework” we know that a different system of production for humanity is coming our way. In fact, we know that we are along the course of creating that. The evidence for such a system can be seen in our everyday surroundings. The evidence can be read here: Open Information Exchange

Together we can do anything.

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