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There is another way…

When dealing with such an emotive subject as “self-rule” it is important to reduce the argument to a logical set of statements if we are ever to fully understand the bigger picture.

Any magician can present a set of cards to you and ask you to pick a card, any card. That is what the media is doing with the Scottish Independence “debate”. The magician knows the card you will choose or it doesn’t matter which one it is as he’s got a trick. The trick with the independence debate is that they allow you to talk about which one you’d like, independence or the status quo, but the only reason you are allowed to have the discussion is that either way the magician still wins.

The magicians in this case are the hidden ruling classes; after all, they signed off on the debate in the first place [ ]. Then they allow their media to discuss it; wall to wall. It is pumped by the BBC at every opportunity, even when it has no relevance.

With independence nothing changes. Sure, I hear that most of my fellow country folk have become raging pacifists over the last year and they all want the removal of the WMD from Faslane; great. That’s a concrete issue.

It strikes me that if that is on the cards then the magicians must want that too, or at least, be willing to accept the possibility. After all, you’re talking about it. It’s a legitimate question. And it’s not like, historically, elections are known for their transparency and choices. [Democracy Rocks]

Current Control
The other fluff about tax raising powers and the likes, makes zero difference. Scotland will still be part of the EU. And we’ll still get loans from the IMF and still be beholden to their whims if things go wrong. Much like Iceland, Greece and Cyprus are now actually.  [The Power of Dreams]

An Alternative
If we urge, as a collective, for a “No show” on referendum day then we take the wind out of the sails of the politicians and their agenda. To make their question illegitimate is the only way to remove ourselves from the distraction that is the “debate”. If the turnout at the referendum is almost zero then they have no mandate either way, and we show to the rest of the people in the UK that we don’t buy into the politicians divisive agenda.

In short: we promote harmony and unity instead of creating a new border or even arguing over it.

Together we can do anything.

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