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So the idea is that you give your info away for free, or that we force companies to have transparent information policies. The point is that the whole system is changing in an evolutionary, not revolutionary, fashion.


You give you wee snippets of information about your life to the Facebook community of friends, for free. So you take 30 seconds to make a post, a check in, an event comment or something else. And this saves you calling, faxing, emailing or texting your friends as you know that they’ll see it when they get the wee status update on their mobile device or on their PC. And your friends do the same; they give their information for free to the community, and you see it. So we are all giving information to Facebook, for free, for our own benefit. 30 seconds of our time is rewarded by all of our contacts in our community putting their 30 seconds in too. This saves us all time and effort and we all benefit.

Others At The Same Game

Updating the Facebook feed is just one example of the open information exchange, and you’re doing it already, naturally, and without any thought. And you’re also getting the benefits of it, openly, naturally and without any thought. How quickly we evolve eh?

Other examples are the FOSS ( Free and Open Source Software ) movement and the patent agreements between Google and Cisco ( a networking company – ) and Google and Samsung ( ).

Previous Stuff

So you see what I proposed on my blog ( [ It was before this time on another place ] is not revolutionary thought; it’s just the logical progression.

We can still keep the profit motive (though I’d urge us to get rid of that as quickly as possible) and we can still keep companies. The only change we need to affect is secrecy. And sure, the NSA and Snowden have proven that that doesn’t really exist outside of some kind of fantasy in our heads. And if we want to encourage transparency then we can simply pass a law to enforce it, or we can just let it grow organically as is evidence by Google and it’s partners.

The current system is based on industrial secrets, the crime of industrial espionage and spying, but it is changing as more and more of us give our information away for free; and now big business is catching up with the idea too.

That’s organic growth for you :)

I hope that this wee Facebook example has served to show that what we are doing naturally will be our future path and that there’s nothing hard about it :)

Peace, in deed, motive and goal.

PS. Thanks to Gina for the chat that helped clarify these points

PPS. UPDATE – 2014-06-21

Since writing, the the company Tesla Motors, has released it’s patent documents in an “open source” way. They are doing this, maybe, for economic reasons, but the change is happening:

And if you want a bit more detail, you could listen to this guy:


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