The Logic of Puppets…

For those of you paying attention to the puppet show, I hope you can ask yourself today why Mr Osborne yesterday basically called into question the whole benefits system due to the mindless acts of 3 individuals who killed 6 children and yet today, the system that is the banking system, that totally collapsed and led to such insane behaviour that is blighting all our lives gets blamed on 2 or 3 individuals?

Why is Mr O not asking what’s wrong with the banking system or capitalism in general? I know, I know, it’s not about logic, it’s about the puppet show, but come on folks, you have to see through these lies and misdirection at some time?

They’d not still be playing the same old puppet show if no one believed it. So, are they talking to you? If so, please evaluate :)



When asked on a visit to Derby whether the Philpotts were a product of Britain’s benefit system, Osborne said: “It’s right we ask questions as a government, a society and as taxpayers, why we are subsidising lifestyles like these. It does need to be handled.”



Financial regulators should consider banning three top HBOS bankers from future roles in the financial sector, an influential committee has said.


Are you paying attention to this nonsense?



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