Competition…but not as we know it

This is a blue sky thinking idea…All input more than welcome…

People often ask me; “So what do we do about this?”

I then tell them, normally, that they have to follow the advice of the website and go out and tell 10 people. That to me, education, is one of the central ways that we, as humans, can free ourselves from this system which is, after all, of our own making. We choose this, so we can choose another way.

Anyway, for some people that is not enough. So, as a “first step”, if you want to aim for something other than education how about this:

Get every business to open up all of its documents to anyone that wants to see them. Whether they be businesses in antagonistic competition with them, or any individual.

“Competition” [for profit still??] then, as it were, would be to see who had the best “information” gathering skills and who could bring a product to market quickest. If Glaxo wanted to know what ICI was up to, they’d only have to ask. So they could, in theory, combine their half of the solution with the ICI half of the solution and produce a new product. If ICI did not undertake the task of looking at Glaxo’s documents and research, then they would be “behind the game”.

In this way, humans, you, me, your mum, your loved ones, would all benefit. And one of the scourges of humanity, antagonistic competition, would have the edge taken off of it and the productive forces could get moving again.

As an example of this way of producing you could reference the model that created  a billion dollar a year company called Red Hat. They produce software and give it away and the resultant work that is created by other individual and companies is fed back into their systems. The model that they use is called FOSS; free and open source software.

And just think of all those products out there, waiting to be produced to benefit you. How would it change the face of this current “down turn” in profits if we were all open and sharing our work? What could we be producing?

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