London Riots 8th August 2011

It is against the backdrop of the riots in the UK over the last 3 days ( ) .

You were doing all the normal things –

You were going to work
You were going to the cinema
You were going to sleep
You were paying your taxes
You were socialising
You were having a laugh

But some folks weren’t

Some folks were taking to the streets
Some folks were kicking in windows
Some folks were stealing TVs
Some folks were setting fire to buildings
Some folks were attacking the police

The simple fact is that both of these ways of being exist under this current system, Capitalism, and whilst you were having a normal life, so where the “some folks” that created the destruction.

You see, you’re both part of the same coin. Both moulded from the same system. Both creations of Capitalism.

These, to you seemingly random events, may very well happen again. They may very well happen to you.

One day you could be caught up in kicking in windows.
One day you could have your TV’s stolen.
One day you could have your house set on fire.
One day you could see folks attacking the police, right in front of your eyes.
One day the police may not afford you the protection you think they can.

These things have happened to other humans, in the last few days. Normal folks, just like you, who thought they were doing their best.

Living their lives as best they could.

Struggling with the mortgage and austerity cuts.
Struggling with the chaos of the daily commute.
Getting by nonetheless.

This is you. You could have been caught up in these riots. Riots which result from the very fabric of the system that your “normal” way of life aims to support.

As far as I can tell you’ve got a few choices, though I am sure you can add more to this list

1)      Pray that you’re not caught up in the violence in the future and get on with your life as normal: pay your taxes, love the system, don’t talk to strangers and don’t develop a better way of living.

2)      Help to clean up the streets and then do #1

3)      Big up the security on your property then do #1

4)      Join the rioters as you’ve always wanted a free 42” LCD TV – you’d be someone then.

5)      Educate yourself

  1. Learn about the current system
  2. Create a pro-human society with the rest of us


Yeah, sure, add to the list if you like, but unless you’re doing #5, you’re in for a very, very bumpy ride.

Capitalism is killing you. Maybe not in a direct fashion today, but how long will that lucky situation last? Last night many hundreds of folks found out, to their costs, that the results of capitalism are not universally lovely.

Sure you’ve seen the images on TV of far off riots and famines and wars and death and destruction, but it’s never been in your back garden.

Will you act to save yourself, your family and your children and their children before it’s too late?

I can’t answer that; I can only give you the resources to help you find a different way.

Video Resources:

Tea Chain:

How We Operate:

The Future:


The central issue:


Potential Stepping Stone:

Potentially Progressive Movement:

Educational Facebook:

Remember, please, peace as a method and a goal, at all times.

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