The Power of Dreams…

To hope against reality. To dream against facts. To pray against the cold light.

We state on the first page of that “Reality exists outside your head”, and honestly, it really does. How you “view” reality does not impact physical reality in any way. Only physical interactions with physical reality can change it.

So if you’re in the UK and you “believe” in the current system of Democracy the chances are that you voted yesterday ( the 6th of May 2010 ) for a party of a particular colour; red, green, yellow, racist bstrds, blue, the choice was up to you. And you “believe” that that will make a difference to your life. It’s how you shape political reality and in turn you hope to have your voices heard and be validated by choosing your colour.

I have shown how, historically, putting a <X> in any box has made no real difference to “who’s in power” in essence. ( ) And how historically the choices presented to us have been very, very limited. Think of the old magician’s line: “pick a card, any card”, and you’ll get the gist.

Now, the key to understanding reality is to actually ask questions of it, and not just “believe”, as our current “Democratic” system would have you do. Let us look at Greece.


“After a dramatic parliamentary debate, Greek politicians have approved draconian austerity measures aimed at unlocking €120bn (£102bn) of emergency loans deemed crucial for the debt-stricken country to avoid insolvency.” ( )

The key word here is “unlocking”, and I’ve highlighted it. Ignore the fact that the measures are labelled “draconian” ( ), focus on the unlocking aspect just now. If there is a lock, there is a key holder:

“The IMF and eurozone nations had demanded tough economic reforms in return for the money ahead of a looming deadline on Greece‘s debt repayment.” ( Same URL as above )

So you see, no matter who is politically elected by the people of the democratic state of Greece, in their free elections, is it the money men, who have the loan to bail out the country, that have the power. If the politicians did not pass the “draconian” measures then the money men would not have released the cash. *

So the people voted X as their representatives, but their representatives have had to smash the face of the voting public in by passing draconian measures.

“Greeks woke in sombre mood today, numbed by the deaths yesterday of three employees killed when a hooded protester threw a petrol bomb into a bank branch in central Athens.” ( Same URL as above )

But you say, of course, this is Greece, it could never happen here. It was likely a once off situation, and our politicians still make a huge difference and our will is done at every turn.

Let us cast our minds back a few years to the crisis of profit in Argentina.


“The IMF has already provided Argentina with substantial loans.

There have been repeated arguments about whether the government has been implementing all of its reform pledges, the BBC economics correspondent Andrew Walker says.

However, the executive board, made up of member countries of the IMF, appears to have been persuaded that the new programme could be made to work, he says. ( )

Oh look, here we have it again; the executive board members of the IMF ( the money men ) seem to have been persuaded, so they can then release the money. That is, the IMF enforce both fiscal and social policies on a country before they will “bail it out”. The democratically elected “voice of the people” was shaped and made bow to the will of the money men. Creditors have all the say, right? And that’s “natural”, at least in this system.

Another nail in the coffin for “your vote makes a difference”, if you ask me.

Bigger Picture

You can see quite clearly that it is the money men that are calling the shots here, no matter who is elected on what mandate, to serve the people, to which ever parliament.

Capitalism is a system that is driven by the need for profit. It is not looking out for workers in Greece as they face the most draconian of cuts to their living conditions in living memory:

“The plans hope to achieve budget cuts of 30bn euros over three years – with the goal of cutting Greece’s public deficit to less than 3% of GDP by 2014. It currently stands at 13.6%.

Implementing them is also a condition of Greece receiving the billions of euros in loans it needs as part of the EU-IMF rescue deal agreed this month.”

Who knows which country will be next to feel the icy grip of the money men? Who knows who’ll have to pay their debts back next, or face the consequences? Which PIG will be next to the slaughter? Which next democratically elected government will be held to ransom by the money men?


This author is left with the feeling that most of us would rather live in a make believe world of dreams and beliefs than actually deal with the reality around us. It gets very frustrating to think that my fellow human beings perceive the only way to make a difference to their lives is to put an <X> on a piece of paper once every 5 years, despite the overwhelming body of evidence that shows that that <X> makes not a single ounce of difference at all.

Oh don’t worry, dream on, live in a make believe world, none of this will ever happen in the UK. We’re sound as a pound.

I’m Connected,


*[ I understand that there is a counter point to this that they would have maybe had to loan cash in any case to save a default on the loans – but that’s another story and only speculation ]

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