Democracy Rocks!


I think we should all work out which way to vote.

It is really important. I mean, almost vital to the continuation of the country as a whole.

Does anyone believe that any more?

Let us look at the concrete facts, as those tend to tell us much more than “beliefs”, in any walk of life.

1) Bush Snr moved into the White House in the “greatest democracy” on the face of the planet, the USA, back in 1981. Well, if he was not actually living there, he was vice president.
2) Bush Snr finally moved 2 mile down the road and into the White House in 1989.
3) He was usurped, by Bill Clinton in the 1992 election.
4) In turn, Clinton, was replaced by George W Bushr ( Bush Jnr ) in 2001
5) And the families basically swapped back when Hillary Clinton moved into the White House circles as Secretary Of State in 2009.

So we have had either a Bush or a Clinton with really powerful influence, if not perceived total control, over the USA for the last 29 years.

That is the “greatest democracy on the planet” in action. There are northwards of 250 Million Americans. Now, I’m no statistician, but if “democracy worked” then I’d be guessing that we’d be seeing some other names hanging around the top two or three post. Oh yeah, Obama. He must be such a departure from the normal run of things. Yeah. Dream on.

So how does this equate to the situation in the UK? Well, since 1922 we have basically had a two party state; Lab / Con. Big Con if you ask me 😀 Before 1922 we actually had a “Liberal” Prime Minster. Suffice to say the “choice” that has been presented to us has always been Red or Blue, and nothing in between. Green has always been a joke and the Yellow Liberals, until maybe this time, have never had a look in.

However, no matter the colour you pin your god forsaken hopes on, you have to realise that they all serve big business. No matter what their pledges are, they are bound, as we’ve seen by the bank bail out, to serve the interests of big business. Your petty concerns are almost neither here nor there. “War. Not in my name”. Aye right. “We’re off to fight.”. There’s profit to be generated and fear to be created. “Oh, don’t bail out the banks”. No, we’d be fooked if we didn’t.

According to the Tlegraph the UK Gov owned about 95 percent of the RBS banking group in Feb 2009. (

Red, Yellow or Blue, it’s all the same to you, you’ll be ignored at every turn.

If you really do want to make a difference this poling day, join with your fellow humans and organise street rallies and decide to walk away and do this whole system “pro human” and not “pro profit”.

Or, of course, put your blind “faith” in democracy and maybe, just maybe, this time it’ll work out just perfectly for you.

Over to you John:

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one


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