Just agree…okay…it won’t hurt that way…

“In a statement to MPs, Mr Johnson said the reason for sacking Prof Nutt was not “the work of the council but because of his failure to recognise that… his role is to advise rather than criticise”.

Oh, so if he’d said, “I advise that you’re way out of line here and totally wrong”, that would have been okay? Was it just a bad choice of words?

“Mr Johnson said Prof Nutt had “acted in a way that undermined the government rather than supporting its work”.”

How dare Mr Nutt question those in charge of paying his wages! What would have happened if those Stalanistic, Hitler like entities had asked him for a way to create a drug that would best kill member of the electorate? What if it was some other dude in the gov that thought that gas chambers were a bad idea?

If you are sitting there smug thinking that this does not affect you, I know you’re wrong. First it’s this guy, or maybe Mr Kelly was first, but first it’s this guy, and then to those that are pro human rights or pro something else that the gov can’t abide under the current capitalist system.

Where will this end people? I argue, that that is up to you.

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Original Article : http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/8337185.stm

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