Tryin’a get themselves arrested ( GomezTheBand )

Protest against this or that:

Be anti G-20 – And get yourself arrested.

Be anti-animal-testing – And get yourself arrested.

Be anti-high-fuel-prices – And get yourself arrested.

Be anti-discrimination-against-parents – And get yourself arrested.

Be anti-nuclear – And get yourself arrested.

Be anti-civil-war – And get yourself arrested.

It’s not rocket science. It’s easy done.

That’s what you get if you go out and protest at “seats of power” or “try to demand” something from a system that’s not based on human needs, but the needs of profit. If you get in the way of it, you get squashed.

So stop being anti-this-that-or-the-other, and be pro you. Pro human.

Join with the rest of us. We do not need to march on Central Square or High Street and ask for permission to be humans. We don’t need to ask, like children in a classroom; if we want to organise as pro human, we can just do it!

So stay away from the lying politicians.
Avoid the armed guards.
Stay clear of the police.

Join together and make a better place.

Don’t protest against.

Cooperate with your fellow human.

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