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Scottish Indepedence – In Thought

There is another way… Emotions When dealing with such an emotive subject as “self-rule” it is important to reduce the argument to a logical set of statements if we are ever to fully understand the bigger picture. Magicians Any magician … Continue reading

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The Logic of Puppets…

For those of you paying attention to the puppet show, I hope you can ask yourself today why Mr Osborne yesterday basically called into question the whole benefits system due to the mindless acts of 3 individuals who killed 6 … Continue reading

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The Power of Dreams…

To hope against reality. To dream against facts. To pray against the cold light. We state on the first page of that “Reality exists outside your head”, and honestly, it really does. How you “view” reality does not impact … Continue reading

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Democracy Rocks!

All, I think we should all work out which way to vote. It is really important. I mean, almost vital to the continuation of the country as a whole. Does anyone believe that any more? Let us look at the … Continue reading

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Just agree…okay…it won’t hurt that way…

“In a statement to MPs, Mr Johnson said the reason for sacking Prof Nutt was not “the work of the council but because of his failure to recognise that… his role is to advise rather than criticise”. Oh, so if … Continue reading

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G8 pledges to boost food supplies

All, According to the BBC today (Reference1) the G8 nations have pledged a staggering 20Bn dollars ( that’s Twenty Billion ) to create “food security” in the poorest nations on the face of the planet. According to the BBC on … Continue reading

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The Darling of Our Collective Eye

Title: Darling rules out radical changes in City white paper Original Link: Guardian All, It saddens me to read some of the comments here. From “I’ve no idea how to fix it either” to the “hatred” of bankers and the … Continue reading

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MPs’ expenses: Tax officials to investigate capital gains evasion

Original Article: Guardian – Capital Gains Tax This one is so easy for me to write…Politicians make my job easier and easier… “The latest revelations show it was not just a few MPs with their noses in the trough, but … Continue reading

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