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A Short History of Now and Tomorrow

The Problem Field To work out what’s going on just now it’s important to define the problem field. That has been done at The Many Facets of the Problem The problem itself brings up many different facets that require … Continue reading

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Scottish Indepedence – In Thought

There is another way… Emotions When dealing with such an emotive subject as “self-rule” it is important to reduce the argument to a logical set of statements if we are ever to fully understand the bigger picture. Magicians Any magician … Continue reading

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Open Information Exchange

Give Away: So the idea is that you give your info away for free, or that we force companies to have transparent information policies. The point is that the whole system is changing in an evolutionary, not revolutionary, fashion. Evidence: … Continue reading

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Competition…but not as we know it

This is a blue sky thinking idea…All input more than welcome… People often ask me; “So what do we do about this?” I then tell them, normally, that they have to follow the advice of the website and go out … Continue reading

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Just taking the chance to link a few sites together. There’s a crowd over at that may be aiming to do things along the same line as us and I’ve posted a few comments in some of their groups. … Continue reading

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