A Short History of Now and Tomorrow

The Problem Field

To work out what’s going on just now it’s important to define the problem field. That has been done at RealityInfo.org

The Many Facets of the Problem

The problem itself brings up many different facets that require in depth critical analysis. Amongst the topics at hand could be politics and the monetary system.


Politics, in most western democracies can be typified by the most democratic state on the planet; the USA. And that has been written about here: Democracy Rocks

Politics and Banks

Along with this all-encompassing political gamesmanship there comes an over arching control system that is, mostly, hidden in plain sight from the electorate. For information about the people who speak for these controlling entities and how they affect plain old “politics” can be read about here: The Power of Dreams

Politics and the National Identity

With regards the control mechanisms as manifested by both “Politics” and “Banks” it is important to analyse any question of “National Identity”. Not only, what does it mean to be from a particular place, but what rights / privileges / controls are in place to ensure that you are always controlled? That has been written about here: Scottish Independence

The Evolutionary Framework

It is important to conceptualise the problem field within the system of which it is part. That work can be found here: The Things and Ideas Loop

Dropping the antagonism

As highlighted in “The Evolutionary Framework” we know that a different system of production for humanity is coming our way. In fact, we know that we are along the course of creating that. The evidence for such a system can be seen in our everyday surroundings. The evidence can be read here: Open Information Exchange

Together we can do anything.

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Scottish Indepedence – In Thought

There is another way…

When dealing with such an emotive subject as “self-rule” it is important to reduce the argument to a logical set of statements if we are ever to fully understand the bigger picture.

Any magician can present a set of cards to you and ask you to pick a card, any card. That is what the media is doing with the Scottish Independence “debate”. The magician knows the card you will choose or it doesn’t matter which one it is as he’s got a trick. The trick with the independence debate is that they allow you to talk about which one you’d like, independence or the status quo, but the only reason you are allowed to have the discussion is that either way the magician still wins.

The magicians in this case are the hidden ruling classes; after all, they signed off on the debate in the first place [http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2012/oct/15/scottish-independence-referendum-cameron-salmond ]. Then they allow their media to discuss it; wall to wall. It is pumped by the BBC at every opportunity, even when it has no relevance.

With independence nothing changes. Sure, I hear that most of my fellow country folk have become raging pacifists over the last year and they all want the removal of the WMD from Faslane; great. That’s a concrete issue.

It strikes me that if that is on the cards then the magicians must want that too, or at least, be willing to accept the possibility. After all, you’re talking about it. It’s a legitimate question. And it’s not like, historically, elections are known for their transparency and choices. [Democracy Rocks]

Current Control
The other fluff about tax raising powers and the likes, makes zero difference. Scotland will still be part of the EU. And we’ll still get loans from the IMF and still be beholden to their whims if things go wrong. Much like Iceland, Greece and Cyprus are now actually.  [The Power of Dreams]

An Alternative
If we urge, as a collective, for a “No show” on referendum day then we take the wind out of the sails of the politicians and their agenda. To make their question illegitimate is the only way to remove ourselves from the distraction that is the “debate”. If the turnout at the referendum is almost zero then they have no mandate either way, and we show to the rest of the people in the UK that we don’t buy into the politicians divisive agenda.

In short: we promote harmony and unity instead of creating a new border or even arguing over it.

Together we can do anything.

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Open Information Exchange

Give Away:

So the idea is that you give your info away for free, or that we force companies to have transparent information policies. The point is that the whole system is changing in an evolutionary, not revolutionary, fashion.


You give you wee snippets of information about your life to the Facebook community of friends, for free. So you take 30 seconds to make a post, a check in, an event comment or something else. And this saves you calling, faxing, emailing or texting your friends as you know that they’ll see it when they get the wee status update on their mobile device or on their PC. And your friends do the same; they give their information for free to the community, and you see it. So we are all giving information to Facebook, for free, for our own benefit. 30 seconds of our time is rewarded by all of our contacts in our community putting their 30 seconds in too. This saves us all time and effort and we all benefit.

Others At The Same Game

Updating the Facebook feed is just one example of the open information exchange, and you’re doing it already, naturally, and without any thought. And you’re also getting the benefits of it, openly, naturally and without any thought. How quickly we evolve eh?

Other examples are the FOSS ( Free and Open Source Software ) movement and the patent agreements between Google and Cisco ( a networking company – http://uk.reuters.com/article/2014/02/04/us-cisco-google-patents-idUKBREA130R120140204 ) and Google and Samsung (http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/wireStory/samsung-google-sign-patent-agreement-22117051 ).

Previous Stuff

So you see what I proposed on my blog (http://www.realityinfo.org/news/?p=195) [ It was before this time on another place ] is not revolutionary thought; it’s just the logical progression.

We can still keep the profit motive (though I’d urge us to get rid of that as quickly as possible) and we can still keep companies. The only change we need to affect is secrecy. And sure, the NSA and Snowden have proven that that doesn’t really exist outside of some kind of fantasy in our heads. And if we want to encourage transparency then we can simply pass a law to enforce it, or we can just let it grow organically as is evidence by Google and it’s partners.

The current system is based on industrial secrets, the crime of industrial espionage and spying, but it is changing as more and more of us give our information away for free; and now big business is catching up with the idea too.

That’s organic growth for you :)

I hope that this wee Facebook example has served to show that what we are doing naturally will be our future path and that there’s nothing hard about it :)

Peace, in deed, motive and goal.

PS. Thanks to Gina for the chat that helped clarify these points

PPS. UPDATE – 2014-06-21

Since writing, the the company Tesla Motors, has released it’s patent documents in an “open source” way. They are doing this, maybe, for economic reasons, but the change is happening: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/10913873/Tesla-has-played-the-open-source-card-to-good-effect.html

And if you want a bit more detail, you could listen to this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mJAE45LR8o


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The Logic of Puppets…

For those of you paying attention to the puppet show, I hope you can ask yourself today why Mr Osborne yesterday basically called into question the whole benefits system due to the mindless acts of 3 individuals who killed 6 children and yet today, the system that is the banking system, that totally collapsed and led to such insane behaviour that is blighting all our lives gets blamed on 2 or 3 individuals?

Why is Mr O not asking what’s wrong with the banking system or capitalism in general? I know, I know, it’s not about logic, it’s about the puppet show, but come on folks, you have to see through these lies and misdirection at some time?

They’d not still be playing the same old puppet show if no one believed it. So, are they talking to you? If so, please evaluate :)



When asked on a visit to Derby whether the Philpotts were a product of Britain’s benefit system, Osborne said: “It’s right we ask questions as a government, a society and as taxpayers, why we are subsidising lifestyles like these. It does need to be handled.”




Financial regulators should consider banning three top HBOS bankers from future roles in the financial sector, an influential committee has said.



Are you paying attention to this nonsense?



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Competition…but not as we know it

This is a blue sky thinking idea…All input more than welcome…

People often ask me; “So what do we do about this?”

I then tell them, normally, that they have to follow the advice of the website and go out and tell 10 people. That to me, education, is one of the central ways that we, as humans, can free ourselves from this system which is, after all, of our own making. We choose this, so we can choose another way.

Anyway, for some people that is not enough. So, as a “first step”, if you want to aim for something other than education how about this:

Get every business to open up all of its documents to anyone that wants to see them. Whether they be businesses in antagonistic competition with them, or any individual.

“Competition” [for profit still??] then, as it were, would be to see who had the best “information” gathering skills and who could bring a product to market quickest. If Glaxo wanted to know what ICI was up to, they’d only have to ask. So they could, in theory, combine their half of the solution with the ICI half of the solution and produce a new product. If ICI did not undertake the task of looking at Glaxo’s documents and research, then they would be “behind the game”.

In this way, humans, you, me, your mum, your loved ones, would all benefit. And one of the scourges of humanity, antagonistic competition, would have the edge taken off of it and the productive forces could get moving again.

As an example of this way of producing you could reference the model that created  a billion dollar a year company called Red Hat. They produce software and give it away and the resultant work that is created by other individual and companies is fed back into their systems. The model that they use is called FOSS; free and open source software.

And just think of all those products out there, waiting to be produced to benefit you. How would it change the face of this current “down turn” in profits if we were all open and sharing our work? What could we be producing?

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London Riots 8th August 2011

It is against the backdrop of the riots in the UK over the last 3 days (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14436499 ) .

You were doing all the normal things –

You were going to work
You were going to the cinema
You were going to sleep
You were paying your taxes
You were socialising
You were having a laugh

But some folks weren’t

Some folks were taking to the streets
Some folks were kicking in windows
Some folks were stealing TVs
Some folks were setting fire to buildings
Some folks were attacking the police

The simple fact is that both of these ways of being exist under this current system, Capitalism, and whilst you were having a normal life, so where the “some folks” that created the destruction.

You see, you’re both part of the same coin. Both moulded from the same system. Both creations of Capitalism.

These, to you seemingly random events, may very well happen again. They may very well happen to you.

One day you could be caught up in kicking in windows.
One day you could have your TV’s stolen.
One day you could have your house set on fire.
One day you could see folks attacking the police, right in front of your eyes.
One day the police may not afford you the protection you think they can.

These things have happened to other humans, in the last few days. Normal folks, just like you, who thought they were doing their best.

Living their lives as best they could.

Struggling with the mortgage and austerity cuts.
Struggling with the chaos of the daily commute.
Getting by nonetheless.

This is you. You could have been caught up in these riots. Riots which result from the very fabric of the system that your “normal” way of life aims to support.

As far as I can tell you’ve got a few choices, though I am sure you can add more to this list

1)      Pray that you’re not caught up in the violence in the future and get on with your life as normal: pay your taxes, love the system, don’t talk to strangers and don’t develop a better way of living.

2)      Help to clean up the streets and then do #1

3)      Big up the security on your property then do #1

4)      Join the rioters as you’ve always wanted a free 42” LCD TV – you’d be someone then.

5)      Educate yourself

  1. Learn about the current system
  2. Create a pro-human society with the rest of us


Yeah, sure, add to the list if you like, but unless you’re doing #5, you’re in for a very, very bumpy ride.

Capitalism is killing you. Maybe not in a direct fashion today, but how long will that lucky situation last? Last night many hundreds of folks found out, to their costs, that the results of capitalism are not universally lovely.

Sure you’ve seen the images on TV of far off riots and famines and wars and death and destruction, but it’s never been in your back garden.

Will you act to save yourself, your family and your children and their children before it’s too late?

I can’t answer that; I can only give you the resources to help you find a different way.

Video Resources:

Tea Chain:

How We Operate:

The Future:


The central issue:


Potential Stepping Stone:

Potentially Progressive Movement:

Educational Facebook:

Remember, please, peace as a method and a goal, at all times.

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The Power of Dreams…

To hope against reality. To dream against facts. To pray against the cold light.

We state on the first page of http://www.realityinfo.org that “Reality exists outside your head”, and honestly, it really does. How you “view” reality does not impact physical reality in any way. Only physical interactions with physical reality can change it.

So if you’re in the UK and you “believe” in the current system of Democracy the chances are that you voted yesterday ( the 6th of May 2010 ) for a party of a particular colour; red, green, yellow, racist bstrds, blue, the choice was up to you. And you “believe” that that will make a difference to your life. It’s how you shape political reality and in turn you hope to have your voices heard and be validated by choosing your colour.

I have shown how, historically, putting a <X> in any box has made no real difference to “who’s in power” in essence. (http://www.realityinfo.org/news/?p=165 ) And how historically the choices presented to us have been very, very limited. Think of the old magician’s line: “pick a card, any card”, and you’ll get the gist.

Now, the key to understanding reality is to actually ask questions of it, and not just “believe”, as our current “Democratic” system would have you do. Let us look at Greece.


“After a dramatic parliamentary debate, Greek politicians have approved draconian austerity measures aimed at unlocking €120bn (£102bn) of emergency loans deemed crucial for the debt-stricken country to avoid insolvency.” (http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/may/06/greece-crisis-approves-austerity-measures )

The key word here is “unlocking”, and I’ve highlighted it. Ignore the fact that the measures are labelled “draconian” (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/Draconian ), focus on the unlocking aspect just now. If there is a lock, there is a key holder:

“The IMF and eurozone nations had demanded tough economic reforms in return for the money ahead of a looming deadline on Greece‘s debt repayment.” ( Same URL as above )

So you see, no matter who is politically elected by the people of the democratic state of Greece, in their free elections, is it the money men, who have the loan to bail out the country, that have the power. If the politicians did not pass the “draconian” measures then the money men would not have released the cash. *

So the people voted X as their representatives, but their representatives have had to smash the face of the voting public in by passing draconian measures.

“Greeks woke in sombre mood today, numbed by the deaths yesterday of three employees killed when a hooded protester threw a petrol bomb into a bank branch in central Athens.” ( Same URL as above )

But you say, of course, this is Greece, it could never happen here. It was likely a once off situation, and our politicians still make a huge difference and our will is done at every turn.

Let us cast our minds back a few years to the crisis of profit in Argentina.


“The IMF has already provided Argentina with substantial loans.

There have been repeated arguments about whether the government has been implementing all of its reform pledges, the BBC economics correspondent Andrew Walker says.

However, the executive board, made up of member countries of the IMF, appears to have been persuaded that the new programme could be made to work, he says. ( http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/3124950.stm )

Oh look, here we have it again; the executive board members of the IMF ( the money men ) seem to have been persuaded, so they can then release the money. That is, the IMF enforce both fiscal and social policies on a country before they will “bail it out”. The democratically elected “voice of the people” was shaped and made bow to the will of the money men. Creditors have all the say, right? And that’s “natural”, at least in this system.

Another nail in the coffin for “your vote makes a difference”, if you ask me.

Bigger Picture

You can see quite clearly that it is the money men that are calling the shots here, no matter who is elected on what mandate, to serve the people, to which ever parliament.

Capitalism is a system that is driven by the need for profit. It is not looking out for workers in Greece as they face the most draconian of cuts to their living conditions in living memory:

“The plans hope to achieve budget cuts of 30bn euros over three years – with the goal of cutting Greece’s public deficit to less than 3% of GDP by 2014. It currently stands at 13.6%.

Implementing them is also a condition of Greece receiving the billions of euros in loans it needs as part of the EU-IMF rescue deal agreed this month.”  http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/10099143.stm

Who knows which country will be next to feel the icy grip of the money men? Who knows who’ll have to pay their debts back next, or face the consequences? Which PIG http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PIGS_%28economics%29 will be next to the slaughter? Which next democratically elected government will be held to ransom by the money men?


This author is left with the feeling that most of us would rather live in a make believe world of dreams and beliefs than actually deal with the reality around us. It gets very frustrating to think that my fellow human beings perceive the only way to make a difference to their lives is to put an <X> on a piece of paper once every 5 years, despite the overwhelming body of evidence that shows that that <X> makes not a single ounce of difference at all.

Oh don’t worry, dream on, live in a make believe world, none of this will ever happen in the UK. We’re sound as a pound.

I’m Connected,



*[ I understand that there is a counter point to this that they would have maybe had to loan cash in any case to save a default on the loans – but that’s another story and only speculation ]

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Democracy Rocks!


I think we should all work out which way to vote.

It is really important. I mean, almost vital to the continuation of the country as a whole.

Does anyone believe that any more?

Let us look at the concrete facts, as those tend to tell us much more than “beliefs”, in any walk of life.

1) Bush Snr moved into the White House in the “greatest democracy” on the face of the planet, the USA, back in 1981. Well, if he was not actually living there, he was vice president.
2) Bush Snr finally moved 2 mile down the road and into the White House in 1989.
3) He was usurped, by Bill Clinton in the 1992 election.
4) In turn, Clinton, was replaced by George W Bushr ( Bush Jnr ) in 2001
5) And the families basically swapped back when Hillary Clinton moved into the White House circles as Secretary Of State in 2009.

So we have had either a Bush or a Clinton with really powerful influence, if not perceived total control, over the USA for the last 29 years.

That is the “greatest democracy on the planet” in action. There are northwards of 250 Million Americans. Now, I’m no statistician, but if “democracy worked” then I’d be guessing that we’d be seeing some other names hanging around the top two or three post. Oh yeah, Obama. He must be such a departure from the normal run of things. Yeah. Dream on.

So how does this equate to the situation in the UK? Well, since 1922 we have basically had a two party state; Lab / Con. Big Con if you ask me 😀 Before 1922 we actually had a “Liberal” Prime Minster. Suffice to say the “choice” that has been presented to us has always been Red or Blue, and nothing in between. Green has always been a joke and the Yellow Liberals, until maybe this time, have never had a look in.

However, no matter the colour you pin your god forsaken hopes on, you have to realise that they all serve big business. No matter what their pledges are, they are bound, as we’ve seen by the bank bail out, to serve the interests of big business. Your petty concerns are almost neither here nor there. “War. Not in my name”. Aye right. “We’re off to fight.”. There’s profit to be generated and fear to be created. “Oh, don’t bail out the banks”. No, we’d be fooked if we didn’t.

According to the Tlegraph the UK Gov owned about 95 percent of the RBS banking group in Feb 2009. (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/4841076/Taxpayer-will-own-95pc-of-RBS.html)

Red, Yellow or Blue, it’s all the same to you, you’ll be ignored at every turn.

If you really do want to make a difference this poling day, join with your fellow humans and organise street rallies and decide to walk away and do this whole system “pro human” and not “pro profit”.

Or, of course, put your blind “faith” in democracy and maybe, just maybe, this time it’ll work out just perfectly for you.

Over to you John:

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one


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Just agree…okay…it won’t hurt that way…

“In a statement to MPs, Mr Johnson said the reason for sacking Prof Nutt was not “the work of the council but because of his failure to recognise that… his role is to advise rather than criticise”.

Oh, so if he’d said, “I advise that you’re way out of line here and totally wrong”, that would have been okay? Was it just a bad choice of words?

“Mr Johnson said Prof Nutt had “acted in a way that undermined the government rather than supporting its work”.”

How dare Mr Nutt question those in charge of paying his wages! What would have happened if those Stalanistic, Hitler like entities had asked him for a way to create a drug that would best kill member of the electorate? What if it was some other dude in the gov that thought that gas chambers were a bad idea?

If you are sitting there smug thinking that this does not affect you, I know you’re wrong. First it’s this guy, or maybe Mr Kelly was first, but first it’s this guy, and then to those that are pro human rights or pro something else that the gov can’t abide under the current capitalist system.

Where will this end people? I argue, that that is up to you.

I’m Connected.



Original Article : http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/8337185.stm

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Tryin’a get themselves arrested ( GomezTheBand )

Protest against this or that:

Be anti G-20 – And get yourself arrested.


Be anti-animal-testing – And get yourself arrested.


Be anti-high-fuel-prices – And get yourself arrested.


Be anti-discrimination-against-parents – And get yourself arrested.


Be anti-nuclear – And get yourself arrested.


Be anti-civil-war – And get yourself arrested.


It’s not rocket science. It’s easy done.

That’s what you get if you go out and protest at “seats of power” or “try to demand” something from a system that’s not based on human needs, but the needs of profit. If you get in the way of it, you get squashed.

So stop being anti-this-that-or-the-other, and be pro you. Pro human.

Join with the rest of us. We do not need to march on Central Square or High Street and ask for permission to be humans. We don’t need to ask, like children in a classroom; if we want to organise as pro human, we can just do it!

So stay away from the lying politicians.
Avoid the armed guards.
Stay clear of the police.

Join together and make a better place.

Don’t protest against.

Cooperate with your fellow human.

I’m connected


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