The Things & Ideas Loop

So we can track the evolution of “things”, of commodities, and in turn “our life styles” and “our possibilities” over time and use the “Things & Ideas” loop as our model.

The same model and its rule apply to every aspect of our lives. Even the “epoch” defining labels we give our current method of production; currently capitalism.

Therefore, logic dictates that Capitalism will be the launch pad for yet another “epoch” of development for the human species. Just as the cathode ray tube T.V. has become the L.C.D flat panel of today and on to “who knows what” tomorrow, as will Capitalism become System X.

The diagram shows that organic systems, from Settlements to Slavery, onwards to Capitalism and even our own lives, go through certain stages during their lifecycle. They are born(B), they grow(B) and mature, then they decline(B) and then they die(B). This model also helps us realise that we must be somewhere near point (B) in terms of our evolution to System X.

It also shows us that the current system, Capitalism, is just a stage in our evolution and that its ability to drive us forward must be waning as we can already conceptualise “System X”. That is, our experience of “things” has led us to the logical conclusion that there is a better way to organise humanity for humanity.

Of course sometimes ideas created by “things” can get well ahead of the “things” ability to actually produce concrete versions of those ideas. For instance, we may have the “idea” that we’d like to be able to travel anywhere at the press of a button, like a “Star Trek” transporter.

Right now the world of “things” does not allow us to do that. However, the idea itself was born out of our experience of “things” in so far as we conceptualise our bodies to be facets of stars, matter and energy. Therefore we can envisage “beaming” ourselves to some distant place.

The “idea”, in turn, can guide and shape the future direction of the evolution of “things”.
What “ideas”, right now, could we turn into concrete “things” if we worked together?

End to war – Easy
End to famine – Easy
End to poverty – Easy
End to homelessness – Easy

Our fire has become our electricity.

What will our electricity become...

The Realityinfo Team